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It is very important to avoid overexertion of the arm in the tennis forehand, because overexertion often leads to unsteady movements and affects the accuracy and power control of the shot.

Here are some effective ways to help you avoid overexerting your arms:

1. Use big arm power: When hitting the ball, you should mainly rely on the power of the big arm to drive the swing, rather than just relying on the strength of the forearm and wrist. Through the rotation and drive of the big arm, the power can be transferred to the racket more effectively, while reducing the overexertion of the arm.

2. Keep the lower arm relaxed: The lower arm should be kept relaxed and not over-strained or overstrained. When hitting the ball, the forearm should naturally follow the movement through the drive of the upper arm, rather than deliberately force. A relaxed forearm helps improve the flow and power control of the shot.

3. Control the swing trajectory: It is very important to use the forearm and wrist to control the swing trajectory. Through the coordinated movement of the forearm and wrist, the trajectory of the racket can be stabilized, so that it is easier to control the line and force of the shot. At the same time, a stable swing trajectory also helps to reduce excessive force on the arm.

4. Adjust the speed of receiving: The speed of receiving is also an important factor affecting the force of the arm. When the forearm is drawn up too quickly, it may result in excessive force on the arm.

Therefore, you can adjust the speed of the racket properly, so that the forearm continues to control the racket after the racket touches the ball, and the racket is closed more slowly. This increases the solidity of the shot while reducing the overexertion of the arm.

5. Pay attention to the height and swing speed of the hitting point: the height and swing speed of the hitting point will also have an impact on the force of the arm. When the hitting point is high or the swing speed is fast, the Angle of the racket face needs to be adjusted to match the swing speed. This ensures power and accuracy while avoiding overexertion of the arm.

To sum up, excessive force of the arm can be effectively avoided through rational use of the strength of the upper arm, keeping a relaxed forearm, controlling the trajectory of the swing, adjusting the speed of closing the racket, and paying attention to the height of the hitting point and the swing speed.


Remember to be patient and persistent throughout the exercise, gradually getting used to the correct movements and force.

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