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Backspin is also called slice, as opposed to topspin.

Take the right hand as an example, after holding the racket, swing the racket from the top to the bottom. 

The striking position of the racket is in the lower part of the racket face on the side of the little finger, and the playing position is in the lower part, so that the ball rotates from the back to the front and down to form the backspin ball.

After the backspin ball is played, it should be fast and turn, and it is often brushed over the net, flat and low.

The ball is more accurate after playing, the drop point is easy to control, the ball can be hit to the other side's deep area, and the ball can also be played over the net, and the direction of the cut is rotated back, causing the other side to be impossible to defend.

When do you play backspin?

Generally, after hitting the topspin ball for many times, suddenly changing the technique to hit a downspin ball, the inexperienced opponent may not be able to resist.

And sometimes the backspin random try to see if the other side can adapt to the backspin, if the other side can still receive the ball back, you can basically disrupt the other side's playing rhythm, then we fight for the initiative;

If the other side does not adapt, then give this ball more, and sometimes you can exchange it with the volley, so that the other side can not feel the head, to achieve the purpose of forcing the other side to be passive.



Practice method of backspin tennis

1 With multiple balls, close to the middle distance to repeatedly understand the sliced posture and movement.

2 Aim at the tennis practice wall and repeatedly slice the ball.

3 All kinds of distance slice practice, the deeper the ball hit the more need to turn and lower limb strength.

4 Practice cutting between two people, constantly adjusting the distance.

5 Slice to multiple points, draw a 9 point area on the opposite court of the net or place a number of marked positions, slice to each point.

6 Actual practice, each game to have 1-2 times slice appear, to combine the net, change the rhythm of the topspin and backspin stroke.

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