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Beginners in tennis recommend learning the forehand first


The rationale behind this recommendation can be summarized as follows:


1. Enhanced power and control: The forehand stroke typically demands more physical strength while offering a relatively manageable means to govern both the direction and intensity of the ball.

For novice players, mastering the forehand stroke facilitates a better comprehension of how to generate power and exercise command over the ball.


2. Natural movement pattern: The mechanics involved in executing a forehand stroke bear resemblance to natural movements encountered in everyday life. This inherent familiarity renders it easier for beginners to adapt and attain mastery over this fundamental technique.


3. Visual acuity and responsiveness: By employing the forehand stroke, players benefit from an expanded field of vision that enables them to effectively track the trajectory of the ball as well as monitor their opponent's positioning.

Such perceptual advantages prove invaluable for novices seeking to enhance their reaction speed and make accurate shot selections during their learning phase.


However, it should be emphasized that this does not diminish the significance of backhand strokes.

Once a certain level of proficiency has been attained in executing forehands, gradual introduction into studying backhand techniques becomes imperative.

Backhands hold equal importance within tennis gameplay and are employed synergistically alongside forehands.

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