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A brand is not only an intangible asset of a company but also a part of a country's soft power.

However, a good brand must be rooted in high-quality products and services;,otherwise it is baseless.

The China Quality Association has hosted the Brand Story Competition for many years, and during the 11th edition, "Tennis Mate" won an award.


Featuring a compelling real-life story, Tennis Mate is a tennis practice aid brand that was born to accompany mainstream tennis products. "Tennis Mate"  means company.


A good companion can nourish life just as Tennis Mate can enhance the skills of tennis enthusiasts.


The story introduces a Tennis Professor who has spent many years in tennis teaching and research, acutely aware of the difficulties in tennis education and the challenges newcomers face.

He believes mastering the racket swing is foundational in tennis skills.


Also featured is a Product Designer with a background in art design. He broke away from the stereotype of sports equipment being clunky and designed the product with high aesthetic appeal.

Additionally, a Planner clearly defines the brand and product within the niche segment of tennis practice aids.

The story briefly describes the functions and external reviews of the first-generation Tennis Mate product: It is capable of practicing strikes from ground level at 20cm up to 190cm, including flat, slice, volley, and all racket swings except the serve. 、

In 2023, the first-generation Tennis Mate product was listed as "Excellent Chinese Technology" and was voted by international professional websites as the (Global) Best Tennis Training Aid.


The China Quality Association emphasizes that "quality is the soul of the brand."

Without quality, so-called brand concepts/images and product functions are like castles in the air.

Tennis Mate products pay close attention to material selection and manufacturing processes.

Only environmentally friendly materials that ensure safety and stability are used. The manufacturers have experience producing international first-class brand products and exercise strict quality control.

At the crucial stage of Chinese brands going international, how can we effectively share Chinese brand stories?

Although different cultures have their own unique characteristics, there is a commonality in human emotions and values.

As social beings, accompanying each other is the originating philosophy of the Tennis Mate brand.


May Tennis Mate be a drop of water, a grain of sand, in the journey of Chinese brands towards internationalization, accompanying tennis players as they progress!

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