Tennis Mate - Multi-Function Tennis Training Equipment & Tennis Training Aids That Goes Easy On Your Tennis Traning.

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The first Yangcheng Green New Materials, New Equipment, New Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition was successfully held in Guangzhou in 2023.

As a tennis mate born and raised here, cannot be absent.

In an industry that stretches towards the sky with competition, innovation emerges as the solitary path to differentiation and growth.

Our tennis mate brand embarks on a journey of 'exquisite agony', where joy is found in the process of innovation.

Foremost, we reject the thought process of simple imitation and producing low-quality, low-cost items.

Our brand is committed to crafting a product where technology and sentimentality are given equal importance. 'Technology' in our context means transforming multiple patented technologies from concepts into mass-produced realities.

'Feelings' is subjective to the observer's perspective!

The primary color scheme of the Tennis mate@ multifunctional trainer includes: grass green, black, and metallic silver.

Grass green is the traditional color of tennis, chic and eco-friendly, signifying a commitment to a healthy lifestyle; black is timeless, indicating maturity and stability; metallic silver-gray exudes a sense of technology, with a matte particle texture that reflects an air of noble quality.

Its accompanying backpack, minimalist yet fashionable, incorporates trendy athletic elements and offers versatile carrying options.


At this moment, the multifunctional trainer by Tennis mate lies dormant within its bespoke packaging. You can transport it to any room or office space, where with simple assembly, it takes on the human-like shape, keeping you company throughout your day.


When you have been seated too long, or your eyes grow weary from computer use, your neck rebels from strain, it's time to step away and engage with the multifunctional trainer by Tennis mate. This interaction not only allows you to practice your tennis swings but also provides a wholesome stretch for your muscles.

Its value goes beyond mere aesthetics, as its elegant design serves a deeper functional purpose.


The key materials of the product include lightweight, tough, and chemically resistant PA, as well as high-strength, malleable aluminum alloy, steel, and the outer packaging of nylon canvas.          

All of these materials are economically sound, durable, and recyclable, championing environmental responsibility.

Most importantly, the product's design adheres to ergonomic principles. By adjusting the central shaft and the position of the cross arms, it caters to users of various heights, enabling the practice of all fundamental tennis swing —Unique in the world !

Here, beauty in the device, the user's physique, and the lifestyle blend seamlessly.

Beauty is justice!

Green environmental protection and health and beauty represent the future !

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