Tennis Mate - Multi-Function Tennis Training Equipment & Tennis Training Aids That Goes Easy On Your Tennis Traning.

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Not only artificial intelligence, high-speed rail, 5G, UHV, quantum communication......

Chinese technology is also leading the world in many emerging fields.

Tennis mate / multi-function tennis training equipment is one of the buds.

The design inspiration of tennis mate is incubated in the tennis court, the creative seed grows in the tennis class, and finally draws on the paper.


Our team includes university tennis professors, product designers, and corporate executives. At first, with passion and fervent love, we kneaded one by hand.

But it's a bit clumsy, a bit heavy, and a bit unsightly.


But it doesn't matter, there are mature and cost-effective manufacturing techniques in China, as well as entrepreneurs and engineers who strive for excellence in manufacturing processes and are full of emotions.


We communicate repeatedly with the manufacturer to improve the design, replace materials, optimize the structure, and achieve a beautiful appearance.


The hardships involved are self-evident, but we are determined to move forward without hesitation.


At that time, we had two concerns: firstly, tennis was an imported sport, and whether our achievements would fall behind as soon as they landed; Secondly, are seemingly beautiful ideas always just castles in the air and unable to be realized.


Everything comes to him who waits !


Tennis mate / multi-function tennis training equipment successfully landed.

And small-scale mass-produced products have met the initial design requirements. After being launched in domestic and foreign markets, it has also received unanimous praise.


Tennis mate / multi-function tennis training equipment is the only multi-function tennis practise equipment in the world that can practice forehand/backhand, high/middle/low position, cut/stroke/volley/flat stroke, that is, all basic tennis swing movements except serve.


We also recorded a complete action tutorial based on the Tennis mate / multi-function tennis training equipment, hoping to attract more attention!


Overseas internet celebrity coaches consciously posted videos of using their Tennis mate / multi-function tennis training equipmenton YouTube.

 Overseas professional websites voted Tennis mate / multi-function tennis training equipment as the best tennis exerciser in the world.



In view of the good innovation of the results and the breakthrough progress in technical principles and methods, Tennis mate / multi-function tennis training equipment was selected into the 2022 "China Good Technology" project library.



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