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How do beginners master the technical points of tennis's power and how to control the power of playing tennis.

The most crucial factors for playing the ball forcefully and with speed are the following three points.

Firstly, relax

Before playing ball, the body must be relaxed and in a state of readiness.

In this relaxation, the most important thing is the relaxation of the wrist.

When the wrist is relaxed, the fingers will naturally relax, and the racket will not be held tightly.

This way, during the swing process, the movements can not be stiff and the position can be achieved.


In addition to the relaxation of the wrist, the body should also be relaxed, and the arms should not be held straight like a stick, so that the swing is difficult to be in place.

Waist and legs should be relaxed, tension will be difficult to send strength.

Secondly, accelerate the swing

The action of the swing must be a sudden action, the process of the swing is a process of accelerating the swing, to have explosive power, can not slowly swing out.

The faster you swing, the more power you have on the ball.

If you pay attention to the game, you will find that experts are very calm when playing, and their movements have a sense of rhythm. The moment they hit the ball, they will inevitably accelerate suddenly, rather than constantly moving with a rhythm.

Third, Lightning Wrist

This is the essence of tennis action, but also the most critical part of power.

The so-called "Lightning Wrist" is that after swinging out like a whip, the wrist should suddenly stop, rather than continue to swing in the direction of the swing.

This pause will cause the ball to go extremely fast at first, but after passing the opponent, it will slow down and fall without going out of bounds.

A master can play the ball fast but not out of bounds, that's how it works.

Master these three things, you can hit a high quality ball.

So, prepare a multi-functional tennis practice equipment at home, practice more, and experience it well!


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