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Tennis forehand stroke. In tennis, forehand hitting is the most basic hitting method. 

For beginners, forehand hitting is also an entry-level technique for learning tennis.

The forehand stroke is the most basic and important.

If you want to be familiar with the tennis forehand stroke, you need to be familiar with the basis of forehand power.

Key points of forehand force application

Push and turn

Forehand want to power, can not only rely on the strength of the arm, must rely on the strength of the leg, which requires us to push off and turn.

The so-called push off the ground spin, that is, first drop the center of gravity, and then push off the ground to hit the ball.

When the direction of the ball is roughly predicted, it is necessary to immediately turn the body slightly in the corresponding direction, that is, half turn, and stare at the ball with the body tilted forward and the line of sight.

When using forehand strokes, it is necessary to start with a push and turn, and the arm is only the transmission of forehand strength.

 Many times, only the upper body rotates, resulting in incomplete power chains.

By a large margin Backswing

Twisting is to accelerate the racket and allow the power to be fully transmitted to the last moment of hitting the ball. It is worth mentioning that the acceleration distance determines the speed of the swing, and a large swing can increase the hitting force.

Modern forehands mainly use semicircular (curved) lead shots. Hold the racket in the throat position of the non holding hand and push the racket to assist in fully turning the racket to the side of the body.

Generally, the racket head is higher than the head after the racket is pulled.

Relax hitting the ball

When hitting the ball, relax your arms. Playing tennis requires force, but it is definitely not using brute force , but rather releasing the arm to relax and hit the ball.

The more relaxed the arm, the greater the force and speed of hitting the ball.

The forehand should feel like a "Swing a whip," not a "Fustigate"

One of the keys is to keep your hands relaxed.

Maintaining a relaxed grip will help improve hitting power. Because when relaxing the swing forward, the racket will lag and the acceleration trajectory will naturally become longer. 

Tennis mate is a tennis training aids for beginners and is perfect for practicing the tennis forehand.

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