Tennis Mate - Multi-Function Tennis Training Equipment & Tennis Training Aids That Goes Easy On Your Tennis Traning.

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Several common ways of spinning in tennis: flat shot, topspin, and backspin

1 flat shot

If you want the ball to fly faster and farther, try hitting it flat! This almost non rotating ball can maximize your hitting power and improve your ball speed.

When rebounding on the ground, the height of the flat shot is lower, making it easier to control, and the ball path and speed can be under your control.

However, it should be noted that due to a lack of rotation, a flat shot may sometimes hit the net.

So, adjust the angle and strength appropriately, avoid making mistakes on the net, and make your flat shot a winning weapon on the field!

2 Topspin

Want to play consistently in all situations?

Try a topspin shot!This ball will spin positively and bounce high off the ground, often reaching the opponent's chest.

Topspin is a safe shot that can be used in all situations, whether it is a serve, a baseline or a volley.

More importantly, it can be used offensively, forcing the opponent to step back from the court to return the ball.

If you want to win a match, you cannot ignore the use of topspin!

3 Backspin

Want to keep the ball in the air longer and alter its trajectory?

Give a backspin shot a try!

This counter-rotating ball increases air resistance, allowing the ball to stay in the air longer and travel less distance.

Backspin is often used to anticipate the forward stroke of the opponent's return, such as the net volley and slice.

The proper use of backspin can not only change the trajectory of the ball, but also make trouble for the opponent and disrupt their rhythm.


The tennis mate is a tennis swing practice tool, or tennis self training equipment.

He/She can freely switch and help you practice different positions of flat shots, topspin, backspin, at home, on the court, in the office, and elsewhere.

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