Tennis Mate - Multi-Function Tennis Training Equipment & Tennis Training Aids That Goes Easy On Your Tennis Traning.

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The the Belt and Road is the country's grand strategy, and I didn't expect to participate in it one day.


The Guangzhou Science and Technology Bureau led us to Nanning to participate in the Advanced Technology Exhibition of the 20th China ASEAN Expo.


Premier Li said: "Sitting in the office is all about problems, and going down to research and see all about solutions.


Although tennis mate were born and raised in the Bay Area, they still cherish the world!


The total population of ASEAN's 10 countries exceeds 600 million, which is bound to breed a huge market.


Although tennis is a niche sport, tennis trainers are even more of a niche. But being niche does not mean being unimportant or lacking status.


According to The Tennis Bros website, the best tennis equipment is more important than choosing the right racket or shoes.


Tennis equipment can help improve the level of the game, using the best equipment will make tennis people feel more comfortable and confident on the court, the idea is that these professional equipment can help improve the accuracy, stability, endurance and technique of the practitioner.


Practitioners can use most of the equipment with or without a coach present, or they can practice alone if they don't have a batting partner.


Of course, The Tennis Bros believes: Seeking personal guidance, either in person or through an online course, is an excellent way to get detailed feedback from a professional coach.


But if you're on a limited budget, don't live near a tennis facility, or have trouble finding someone to play with, using tennis training AIDS can help you improve your game!


This means practitioners can end up spending more time hitting the ball, working on technique one at a time and improving the feel.


The field, coach, partner, and technique are pain points that beginners in tennis will never be able to avoid, and millions of repeated exercises are also the only way to master tennis skills.


A famous tennis coach in the United States said in a YouTube video: "How much work you have, how good you become!" Most people will probably only practice for an hour and a half, twice a week, and that frequency is not going to work!


The emergence of the tennis mate / multi-functional tennis practise equipment provides another possibility ( The tennis mate is a tennis swing trainer, tennis practice equipment at home, or tennis self training equipment ):

Wherever you are, you can be on the tennis court, at home, at the office;

Whether you have the whole time or only a few fragments of time;

Whether you have playmates or are alone;

Whether you are a tennis white still can't catch the ball, or just started, the technology needs to be improved;

It doesn't matter how tall you are or how old you are;

Tennis mate can accompany you hundreds of times to practice moves and improve your level.


There is also an important point: versatility, that is, it includes all the basic swings of the tennis ball except the serve, which is the only one in the world.

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