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How to master the skill of serving?

First of all, choose the type and strength of the serve according to the technical proficiency.

Generally speaking, the initial level is moderate speed and strength, and gradually increases strength with proficiency. It is more suitable for beginners to serve flat shots, and with the improvement of proficiency, they can also learn to cut shots. As for topspin, they need to reach a medium technical level to understand it.

About skills, in the service technology is not skilled before what skills, adhere to the action to practice. To achieve proficiency, you can use skills, such as according to the opponent's ability to receive the serve, choose the rotation of the serve, speed, drop point, type, etc.

Regarding the grip mode, it is relatively simple, such as forehand commonly used eastern mode, double-arm backhand is also fore-and-backhand Eastern mode, serving continental style. Normally a coach would tell you.


Tennis practise equipment structure can meet the tennis practitioners forehand, backhand, high, middle and low position of the stroke, cutting, volley, flat stroke a total of 24 groups of tennis basic action practice.

The product adopts bionic design, like a person with open arms when unfolded, such as a sparring partner.

The product structure follows ergonomics, and key components can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of practitioners of different heights.

Is a wonderful tennis training aids for beginners.

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