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Tennis mate's past and present | Teemate

May 13, 2023
Tennis mate's past and present | Teemate

Professor Yancheng has been fighting in the forefront of tennis teaching and research. 

In nearly 30 years of tennis career, he often encountered problems such as wind and rain without a field, having a field without a mate, having a mate and beginners unable to understand movements correctly. And so on.


Product originator Yan Cheng / Professor

Is there a equipment that can accompany a tennis player to effectively practice tennis anytime, anywhere, with or without a mate ?

A seed has been planted in Professor Yan Cheng's mind for a long time.

Seeds slowly germinate over time and under the influence of experience, moving from mind to paper, and ultimately obtaining a patent.

In fact, each of us needs and is also the most rare to have a good mate in our lives. We conceive and grow in the womb of our mother, who is our first mate in life. Next, I will meet a good teacher and classmate in my studies, a good colleague in my work, and a good lover in my life who will work together. Professor Yan Cheng's original intention should also be to find a good mate.

However, the ideal is very full, and the reality is very skinny! The first generation product is poor, clumsy, foolish, standing on the tennis court with rust stains, really not a warm mate !

From originality to product , there are still thousands of mountains to pass !

At this time, product designer Liang Xianrong teacher appeared! With the power of art, he worked on the look, he worked on the portability, he worked on the craft, and it took him three years.

       Product Designer Liang Xianrong / Master of Art of Design



If the first thirty years are accumulation, these three years are breeding!

The three of us are mates in each other's work, combining the power of technology, feelings and art to re-watering that seed.

Chairman Huang Li / Master of Arts

We attach a stable base to our tennis mate to make it grip the dungeon.

Through the expansion and contraction of the center column to simulate the swing stroke between 190cm and 20cm from the ground, with the adjustment of the buckle position of the striking structure, it can practice the high, middle and low positions of the fore-and-backhand stroke, volley, flat and cut. It is able to complete the practice of all the basic tennis swing movements except serving.

The striking structure uses permanent magnet, Eva and other materials, that is, to restore the real batting experience without hurting the racket and the network cable.

The whole adopts bionic design, and the person with open arms when unfolded, such as a sparring partner. The construction follows ergonomics, and key components can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of practitioners of different heights. Shrink and fold the volume is small, put into the matching backpack, can be carried and lifted.

The tennis mate color scheme is: grass green, black and metallic silver. Grass green is the main color of tennis, fashion and environmental protection, expressing a healthy attitude towards life; Black classic, mature and stable; Metallic silver gray rich sense of science and technology, frosted particles surface texture more noble quality.

Matching backpack simple fashion, add trendy sports elements, make the whole product full of vitality.


Thus, a warm product was born. 

                                                                               Image officer Dasha and Tennis Mate / Multi-function training Equipment

A  Teemate is a tennis mate.

Good mate , better life!


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